23 'AMAZING' Free Online Resources While We're Stuck at Home during Ontario's COVID-19 Emergency Ban

Wednesday Apr 08th, 2020


First, I hope everyone is safe and healthy and following all the protocols in place to keep us this way. It's such an unprecedented time...

But, we're all in this together - inside and in this COVID-19 Emergency Ban in Ontario. We're all at home and wondering what to do.  Many of us have kids from Kindergarten up to Grade 12, so we're looking for educational, learning as well as fun activities to do together, or on their/our own.  

I've created (with the links) 23 engaging and interesting resources for our kids, and ourselves, to take advantage of while we ride this out. Please share this with everyone you can and if you have more ideas please email me at nancy@nancybiderman.com or even call/text me directly at 416-721-6041 and I'll add them to the list!  Let's help each other through these days and weeks together.  

1)    52 Free Educational Websites Parents Can Access While Schools Are Closed  https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/31-free-educational-websites-parents-184011175.

2)    IXL - Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Students and Spanish  https://ca.ixl.com/?fbclid=IwAR0wfZcUbkqKpTF2ku2vKzrZfX3Sm0aWUNeQiv6pncA08Y1lR6uM5jR1z20

3)    Fun Math Practice Games   https://www.splashlearn.com/

4)    Khan Academy   https://www.khanacademy.org/

5)    Government of Ontario Learn at Home - Find supplementary resources for elementary /secondary students to practice math and literacy skills and learn at home.  https://www.ontario.ca/page/learn-at-home

6)    Duolingo - learn a new language  https://www.duolingo.com/

7)    Riddles for you to solve    https://blog.ed.ted.com/2016/02/02/can-you-solve-these-5-ted-ed-riddles/

8)    Audible has launched a free service called Audible Stories, a database of free audiobooks for children and teenagers  https://stories.audible.com/start-listenYork Region District School Board online learning resources   http://www.yrdsb.ca/Students/Pages/Online-Resources.aspx

9)    Virtual field trips  http://www.discoveryeducation.ca/events/virtual-field-trips/explore/index.cfm?campaign=flyout_parents_virtual_field_trips

10)  YouCubed activity: Mathematical Art -  https://www.youcubed.org/wim/mathematical-art-k-12/

11)   Home workout ideas for kids    http://fitin.live/

12)   Learn How To Draw (Free)  http://mymodernmet.com/how-to-draw-youtube/ 

13)   Nerdist article explaining that Amazon is streaming shows for free  https://nerdist.com/article/amazon-kids-shows-free-streaming/

14)   50 Online Art and Music Resources to Help Kids Learn and Create from Home    https://www.boredteachers.com/resources/50-online-art-and-music-resources-to-help-kids-learn-and-create-from-home

15)  42 Fun Websites to Learn and Teach Social Studies From Home  https://www.boredteachers.com/resources/42-fun-websites-to-learn-and-teach-social-studies-from-home

16)  40 Science Websites to Keep Kids Engaged and Entertained at Home    https://www.boredteachers.com/resources/40-science-websites-to-keep-kids-engaged-and-entertained-at-home

17)  100 resources for gifted kids (from the arts to the sciences and everything in between)  https://www.notsoformulaic.com/resources-gifted-kids/ 

18)  TU20 Choose Your Own Adventure - a series of creative challenges where you and your friends get to become the CEO of your own business with TU20! Collaborate with friends and apply your skills to solve problems real businesses are facing!    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfY8BoJkHJJL0VEj8PVQBrLxe8XzObKbovXHAb2z1p6JhYV6g/viewform

19)  GoNoodle online workouts and games for children and families    https://www.gonoodle.com/for-families/

20)  Activities from NASA   https://www.nasa.gov/?mc_cid=174a87ae52&mc_eid=744b8ba4fb

21)  Open Access to Pearson Canada K-12 Resources at Home   https://www.pearsoncanadaschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PS3eZw

22)  STEM Village is a fun educational tool where grade school students can develop skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Learning content is based on the Ontario curriculum. Together, families can create individual learning plans, track progress, and even set custom rewards based on their own preferences. Find STEM Village in the Online Library under eLearning.   https://www.newmarketpl.ca/en/collections/online-library.aspx?_mid_=17682#

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