Check Your Wallets! Eight Canadian Banknotes Worth Up to $150,000

Thursday Feb 16th, 2023



Got any old Canadian money lying around? You may want to double-check it.

Some Canadian banknotes, it turns out, could actually be worth thousands of dollars, with certain Canadian bills worth as much as $150,000.

Some, like certain versions of the $1,000 Canadian bill, are worth more than double their face value today. So, if you've got a family member who holds on to old Canadian banknotes (or you yourself have held on to a few) they could fetch quite a pretty penny.

Here are seven Canadian banknotes you might have lying around that could be worth some serious cash today.

$2 bill (1935)

\u200bA $2 bill from 1935.

A $2 bill from 1935.

Heritage Auctions

The 1935 $2 banknote, which is one of the first banknotes to be issued by the Bank of Canada, could be worth quite a bit today depending on its condition and variety.

The banknote features the portrait of Queen Mary on the face and the god Mercury with ships, trains and planes on the reverse.

According to the website Coins and Canada, English varieties of the note are worth as much as $1,290 today, while French varieties (denoted with a serial number beginning with F) are worth as much as $3,810.

$2 bill (1986-1991)




You (or your parents) may remember the terra cotta-coloured $2 bill that was in circulation between 1986 and 1991.

The bill features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and two robins on the back.

According to Coins and Canada, depending on the variety and signature on the banknote, $2 dollar bills printed between 1986 and 1991 could be worth up to $19,800.

$500 bill

\u200bA 1935 $500 bill.

A 1935 $500 bill.

Coins and Canada

Rare $500 Canadian banknotes could be worth a sizeable amount of money today.

The $500 bills were issued in 1935 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George the Fifth, according to CTV News, but the banknotes were discontinued shortly afterward.

Coin collector Orest Lawryniw told the publication that at the time, even in poor condition, the bill would be worth $12,000.

According to Coins and Canada, only 20,900 notes were printed in English, and just 5,000 in French. The French variety is said to be "extremely rare."

According to the site, a high-quality version of the bill could be worth as much as $156,000 today.

$1,000 bill

\u200bA $1,000 bill.

A $1,000 bill.

Heritage Auctions

Did you know that Canada once had a $1,000 bill?

It featured a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and two pine grosbeak birds on the back.

The banknote is one of the more recent notes on this list, having been issued in 1992, which means its value hasn't doubled or tripled like some other Canadian bills.

That said, certain varieties of the bill can be worth as much as $1,430, according to Coins and Canada.

And while you can't use to it pay for goods, the bill does still retain its face value. You can take it to a financial institution or send them to the Bank of Canada to redeem the note for $1,000.

'Devil's face' $5 bill

A \u200b'devil's face' $5 bill.

A 'devil's face' $5 bill.

Heritage Auctions

This $5 bill earned its nickname thanks to a strange design that can be seen in the hair of Queen Elizabeth II.

Certain highlighted portions of the queen's hair seem to create the illusion of a devil's face peering out from behind her left ear.

While the queen is on the front of the bill, the back depicts Otter Falls on the Aishihik River, Mile 996 Alaska Highway, in southwestern Yukon.

Depending on the condition of the banknote, as well as the signature and its variety, this one could be worth up $13,300.

$20 bill (1935)

A 1935 Canadian $20 bill.

A 1935 Canadian $20 bill.

Bank of Canada | Flickr

The Canadian $20 bill from 1935, also known as the first series $20 note, was one of the first bank notes to be issued by the Bank of Canada.

Today, the note featuring a portrait of then-8-year-old Princess Elizabeth (and later queen) can be worth as much as $11,900, depending on the variety and condition, according to Coins and Canada.

$5 bill (1986 to 1991)

\u200bThe 1986-1991 $5 banknote.

The 1986-1991 $5 banknote.

Bank of Canada | Flickr

The $5 bills issued from 1986 to 1991 could fetch more than 500 times their worth today.

The banknote, which was the first in the Birds of Canada series, features a portrait of Sir Wilfrid Laurier on the front, with a belted kingfisher bird in its natural habitat depicted on the back.

Depending on the variety of the $5 bill and the signature on it, the banknote could be worth as much as $8,100 today.

Modified $1,000 bill

\u200bA modified $1,000 banknote.

A modified $1,000 banknote.

Heritage Auctions

Another $1,000 banknote could score you some extra cash, provided you have the right kind.

This banknote features a modified version of the "devil's face" portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The back of the bill shows a covered bridge in the village of L'Anse-Saint-Jean, Quebec, and the Saguenay River fjord.

The banknote in good condition and signed by Beattie and Coyne is worth up to $3,380 today — more than twice its value.


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