ServiceOntario Is Finally At Our Service... Online!

Tuesday Feb 21st, 2023



ServiceOntario,, is now offering more on-line services so we don’t have to spend hours and hours waiting in-line anymore. 

Finally, ServiceOntario is stepping into the digital age with an enhanced booking system and more online services.

"We're making it easier for people and businesses to connect with ServiceOntario, putting customers first and saving people time and money," said Doug Ford, earlier this month. "Across our government, we're making it less complicated and more convenient for people to interact with government."

ServiceOntario's busiest 64 centres are now offering an enhanced booking system where you can book one appointment for your entire family or multiple services in one appointment. 

You can also highlight any accessibility needs you may need ahead of time.

Customers can renew their driver's license, accessible permit card, Ontario photo card, and health card online at ServiceOntario, and more online services are on the way with new pilot programs.

In the next few months, couples will be able to apply for a marriage licence online, in co-operating municipalities, according to a press release.

In Spring 2023, digital dealership registration will also be available for trade-ins and used cars. The Ontario government says it is currently available for the registration of new vehicles and is being tested out at some dealerships through the spring. While you're on the site, you can sign up for renewal reminders and get an email, text or call when it's time to renew.

And… if we have to call ServiceOntario's phone centre, we can expect shorter call times thanks to "new technology" with faster interactive responses and call-back options. (I hope so!)

In a recent press conference, Ford also said “We can’t be an offline government in an online world. So, all across government, we’re putting customers first, taking steps to find solutions that provide access to government information and services.”


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