The Lowest Mortgage Interest Rate Ever for Residential Homes

Friday May 23rd, 2014


The Lowest Mortgage Interest Rate Ever for Residential Homes

Are you a 1st time buyer looking for a property to purchase or do you want to sell your residential home? The most exciting news to hit the market for Buyers and Sellers is that the Investor’s Group just unveiled a plan that offers an incredible 1.99% variable mortgage rate for 1st time buyers.  And other financial institutes are poised to follow suit. What does this mean for you, as a home owner or prospective new home owner? Now is the perfect time to sell and buy a residential home or property because the interest rate being offered by the Investor’s Group is the lowest in Canadian history. A mortgage rate like this will simplify the purchasing process of your new home. It also makes it even easier for owners, who want to sell their homes, to more easily appeal to 1st time buyers. So, this is an amazing opportunity to step in and invest in the real estate market.

How Will This Interest Rate Help in the Purchase of Residential Homes?

How does this new interest rate work? In essence, the Investor’s Group is offering 1.01 percent off of its prime interest rate of 3% resulting in this interest rate of 1.99%. This deal revolves around a 36-month term, for 1st time buyers only, and the mortgage has to be kept for the full 36 month term or until you sell the property - whichever comes first. The other rules are:  You can't collapse the mortgage early and, at the end of the term, you can't renew it at the same rate. Plus the interest rate does not apply to current owners looking to refinance. 

Industry experts are shocked by the rate that is being  offered and rightfully so. In fact, in the past, the Canadian Government has denied financial institutions the ability to provide interest rates that may have been deemed dangerous and disruptive to the overall economy. However, currently and in the immediate future, if anything, a lower mortgage rate stimulates and encourages the real estate market to remain robust.  Regulations still exist, but financial institutions have fortunately been granted some current level of freedom. These changes, while benefiting the consumer, also confirm that the government is pleased with the growth and progress that the economy has made since the recession that occurred in 2009/2010. And they want this growth to continue. There has never been a better time for new home owners to purchase residential homes. 

Don’t miss this opportunity.  We urge you to capitalize on this low interest rate before the chance could disappear.

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Nancy Biderman and Adeana Axler are Award Winning Toronto Realtors and Real Estate Agents, honoured in the top 1% of sales and properties sold in 2012 and 2013 in the Toronto Real Estate Board. Together, they have over 36 years of respected Real Estate expertise. Their successful, happy clients constantly refer their families, friends, and business associates.  While they service the entire GTA, they specialize in Toronto and Thornhill homes & properties.

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