The Wealthiest Neighbourhoods In Canada

Thursday Dec 15th, 2022


Do you know where the richest Canadians in our country live? 

A study just revealed where the 20 wealthiest neighbourhoods in Canada are, and the number one spot might actually come as a bit of a surprise. The most recent data ranked them, from coast to coast,  by household net worth.

Some are well known, like Toronto's Bridle Path, which has been home to celebs like Drake, Celine Dion and Prince, but you may not know that that the average household income is so high in others.

The most well-off neighborhood in Canada, it turns out, is 'Sunnybrook' in Toronto, where the average household's net worth is said to be a whopping $22,709,428.

Sunnybrook, lies along the southern border of Toronto's Bridle Path and on the outside of Park Lane Circle,  where the average household income is $289,434 per year.

Following Sunnybrook, 'York Mills-Windfields' , in Toronto, is the 2nd most wealthy in Canada, with an average household net worth of $20,944,385 and an average annual household income of $869,581.

Unsurprisingly, the 3rd highest well-off neighbourhood is also in Toronto: the 'Bridle Path', with the celeb hot spot having an average household net worth of $19,729,093.

Interestingly, the average household income is higher, here, than in the top two well-to-do neighbourhoods in Canada at $1,101,171 a year.

The top five richest neighbourhoods are rounded out by two Vancouver spots, with 'Shaughnessy Heights' coming in as the 4th wealthiest neighbourhood in Canada with an average household net worth of $13,811,849 and 'Kerrisdale' as the 5th, with an average net worth of $12,850,938

The top 10 neighbourhoods are in Vancouver and Toronto, with two exceptions in Montreal:  'Summit Park, Westmount', where the average household net worth is $10,895,782, comes in 8th with 'Sunnyside & Edgehill' in Westmount counted at number 10 with an average household net worth of $10,511,187.

Within the top 15, only one Alberta spot made the ranking. 'Britannia' in Calgary is Canada's 15th, with an average household net worth of $7,984,224.


Wealthiest Neighbourhoods In Canada

The top 20 richest neighbourhoods in Canada and their average household net worths are as follows:

  1. Sunnybrook, Toronto, Ontario - $22,709,428
  2. York Mills-Windfields, Toronto, Ontario - $20,944,385
  3. Bridle Path, Toronto, Ontario - $19,729,093
  4. Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver, British Columbia - $13,811,849
  5. Kerrisdale, Vancouver, British Columbia - $12,850,938
  6. Forest Hill North, Toronto, Ontario - $11,671,220
  7. Forest Hill South & UCC, Toronto, Ontario - $11,530,848
  8. Summit Park, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec - $10,895,782
  9. Kerrisdale Park, Vancouver, British Columbia - $10,869,273
  10. Sunnyside & Edgehill, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec - $10,511,187
  11. Lexington Avenue, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec - $10,476,422
  12. Sunnyside Avenue, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec - $9,349,716
  13. Shaughnessy (North), Vancouver, British Columbia - $9,087,452
  14. Westmount, West Vancouver, British Columbia - $8,956,821
  15. Britannia, Calgary, Alberta - $7,984,224
  16. Upper Mount Royal (North), Calgary, Alberta - $7,720,307
  17. Elbow Park, Calgary, Alberta - $7,611,156
  18. King George Park, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec - $7,574,692
  19. Upper Mount Royal (South), Calgary, Alberta - $7,542,402
  20. Roxboro, Calgary, Alberta - $7,368,972


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