Are Your New 2020 Property Taxes Are Too High? One Of My Complimentary Services Will Help You Know.

Monday Feb 24th, 2020


2020 is THE year of the new Propety Tax Assessment. And, we all know that Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill or Newmarket government personnel don’t personally visit any homes or even hire Valuators or Appraisers. They only refer only to the most recent sales figures of those properties sold, right around you, with a similar lot and footprint size (how many bedrooms, bathrooms). They have no idea if you have or haven’t renovated, since you purchased. They don’t even know if a similar size house is brand new or built in the last 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years ago. They cannot accurately compare one home to another.
Fortunately, you have me to advise you whether it’s worth filing a petition against, what might be, an unfair property tax hike. How, you ask? Well…. I can prepare a complimentary Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) which you could present to fight the new assessment, and which can hopefully result in a tax reduction. Not only do I have access to all the recently sold homes around you, I can see exactly what those homes looked like inside and out, plus recall all the information about the properties. Then, I let you know whether your new assessment seems fair. If it does, I’ll advise you not to do anything at all. However, if the CMA shows a definite discrepancy, I'll send you all the solds so you'll have the verified information to launch your claim. For the past 19 years, I've successfully helped clients reduce their Property Tax Assessments and I’d be thrilled if I could help you with yours, too.
Please email or call me and we can see what is best for you...and your home!

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