This Fall, Take Care of Preventative Maintenance For A Stress-Free Winter

Friday Sep 18th, 2015


We may still be enjoying warm days but Fall is coming quickly and Winter is right on it's heels. Please inspect and tend to these maintenance issues now before freezing temperatures set in.


It's time to take a look at your gutters especially if you haven't for a long time. There's likely leaves, dirt, dust and other wind-blown debris in them. And once the leaves start to fall, they will get quite full. Either hire a professional (ask me for my trusted, tried and true Gutter Cleaning Professional) to clean them or raking & hosing them down yourself will leave them clear for Winter. It's also important to look for any signs of distress or a leak which can ultimately damage your roof. And you don't want to have to repair this in the middle of the snow & cold.


Summer's heat and inclement weather can often affect your roof. West & south exposures are particularly sensitive. A professional Roofer can get up there and see if there's any damage, leaks, loose shingles. Taking care of this now, in the Fall, will keep your safe from bigger issues like ice damming or snow leaking into your attic.


Do you have vinyl or wood siding? You could already be seeing signs of chipping and peeling because of summer's incessant heat, humidity and rain. It's important to keep siding in excellent condition - to protect it in the winter months and offset major repairs down the road. A paintbrush and paint can easily take care of this as well as ensure your home's curb appeal is at the top of its game!


Yard work is a given in the Fall - you or your Gardener can easily take care of raking leaves, aerating the soil and fertilizing the trees, shrubs and grass. One of my clients has her Gardener inject her trees with a special formula so that they don't freeze during the Winter !


Make sure your outdoor lighting is working properly. Ice and snow are dangerous because they cause so many slip and fall accidents. Give your lights a good cleaning using a safe scouring pad and then spray the frames with a rust-resistant paint. Replace any burnt out bulbs. Take a good look at your walkway - could it use some additional lighting? The investment is minimal and can help immensely to keep everyone safe.


Take a good look at your heating system now as you don't want it to fail you in the middle of the deep freeze. Make sure it's in top condition or if it really does need replacing, don't put it off. If you have a Heating Maintenance Plan with your provider, make sure you get them in to check your furnace's condition and make repairs if needed. You know how difficult it will be to get them in once the snow flies. Don't forget to change the filter and check your humidifier if your furnace has one.


If you have a fireplace you're going to use when the nights are chilly (and downright cold) it has to be clean and working properly. The last thing you want is a blocked flue and chimney!   If you've used your wood burning fireplace in the last 12 months, there will be residual soot, burnt wood and likely creosite in the chimney. A gas fireplace needs maintenance in the venting system, carbon build up if the logs aren't firmly in position, condensation and latches need to be secure. Have your fireplace cleaned by a Professional (yes, I have an excellent referral for you). A room full of back-draft soot or, in the worst case, an accidental fire is not worth ignoring taking care of this maintenance now. 

I have expert, reliable and professional 'Strategic Partners' for every maintenance situation outside and inside your home. Please call me anytime and I'll be happy to refer them to you. I want your home to be safe and sound so you can enjoy it all year 'round !

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